President Bush believes we can draw down by one soldier by year’s end.

by Tom Toburn

Meeting with his war cabinet today, President Bush sated that he expects US forces will be able to withdraw one troop by year's end.  "We are making tremendous progress."

The soldier, private Harley Jessup from Youngstown, Ohio (a battleground state in the 2004 election, and expected to be the site of a hotly contested Senate seat in the 2006 election) "(is someone) who has been working extremely hard over there in Iraq, advancing the cause of freedom.  It is time for him to come home."

President Bush credits the progress in forming a new Iraqi government, and the capture of terrorist mastermind Abu Musad Al Zarqawi with the progress toward troop withdrawal.  "As I have said before, as the Iraqis stand-up, we can step down…or stand down, as the case may be."


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