September 12, 2016

New Revelation: Hillary Clinton lied about her favorite type of ice cream sundae

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by Tom Toburn

In the latest release of papers from a subpoena of the Clinton Foundation’s records, it has been disclosed that Hillary Clinton lied under oath about her favorite ice cream, and her favorite type of ice cream sundae.

The subpoena is part of a lawsuit by the Freedomworks organization, that filed the suit after Wikileaks shared data from her personal email server, where she described enjoying her sundaes best with mint chip ice cream and hot fudge, and later reiterated the statement in front of a congressional subcommittee. However, in her latest book, “Stronger Together,” she clearly states that she remembers enjoying toffee ice cream with caramel topping more than other ice cream choices when she would take purported daughter Chelsea Clinton out for ice cream.

It is the latest in a series of unforced errors by the Clinton campaign.

Critics have implied that it occurred at a time when Janelle Thompson, a major Clinton foundation donor, as well as chair of the butterscotch division of Duncan Hines, had been lobbying the foundation to divert more donations toward one of the causes she was championing in the Darfur region. The foundation also lists the Hersheys company as one of its major contributors. The email with her non-butterscotch preference is dated four months before the discussions with Thompson.

“Time and again, we see example after example of Hillary Clinton refusing to level with the American people,” stated Jason Miller, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign. “The question is what won’t she say to garner more votes and support.”

“People change their ice cream preferences all the time,” stated Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. “There is truly nothing to see here, folks.”

Clinton is scheduled to visit the Hershey plant in Pennsylvania on Thursday.



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