September 12, 2016

Donald Trump cites “The Man from UNCLE” in his support of Russian president Vladimir Putin

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by Terry Firma

Donald Trump cited his viewing of the popular TV series of the 1960s, the Man from UNCLE, in defending his support of Russian president Vladimir Putin, in an interview aired Sunday evening CBS news.

“It was the cold war, so it was a different period of time, but I very much admired the relationship between the American agent, Napoleon Solo, and the Russian agent, Ilya Kazakhistan.” (Mr  Trump was corrected as to the characters name, Ilya Kuryakin, later in the interview).

“The Man from UNCLE” ran for five years on ABC, and was widely seen as a refreshing take on the interplay between the two nations, who were adversaries at the time. It was remade as a film starring Henry Caville and Armie Hammer last year. Trump stated he did not enjoy the film, but praised Alisha Viskander’s performance

“To be quite honest with you, our sitting president, and his approved successor, Hillary Clinton, would never have the balls to work with their nemesis, and I would argue we could easily see the end of the world if we refuse to work with our enemies,” he said. “As President, I will always work with our allies. And I promise you can expect lots of adventure and intrigue from a Trump presidency.”



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