December 4, 2010

New Congressional majority, citing mandate, proposes shutting off nation’s electricity

Posted in political satire at 3:46 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

An energized Republican freshman class. looking for ways to cut fiscal waste, is drafting legislation that will ensure that lights are turned off in rooms where people are not using them, by shutting off the nation’s grids every evening by 10 pm.

House Speaker John Boenher sought to downplay the significance of this proposed plan and has also delayed, announcement of cuts to Medicare, Social Security, the Heath Care Reform package (derisively referred to as “Obamacare”), the Department of Education, publicly supported television, the Federal Reserve and most other sources of spending.

“It’s just tightening our collective belt to deal with this disastrous meltdown that the Democrats have got us into,” the speaker warned party members at a recent gathering. “It’s nearly impossible to get back on the road to fiscal health, yet still toss out these non-essential services, like regulating food safety, and providing hurricane warnings. The days of that largesse economy are over.”


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