February 7, 2007

Cheney and Libby planned Wilson in his underwear expose piece in US Magazine

Posted in He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken (Cheney), political satire at 3:41 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

One of the unusual new disclosures in the trial of former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff “Scooter” Libby is the coordinated leak to celebrity-watch magazines like “Us Weekly,” of former ambassador Joseph Wilson nearly undressed on a Virginia Beach. “His ass looks fat,” Vice President Cheney purportedly told Libby, “and I want these photos released.”

The testimony came at the end of a full day cross-examination of the press staff for the Vice President’s office. Staffers were dispatched to the major publications with photos taken incidentally by Secret Service staff near Wilson while on vacation. Cheney had hoped that his veracity in disputing pre-war claims of an Iraq nuclear program would be questioned if people could see him in his underwear, and he insisted Libby and other staffers pursue the matter as a national security measure.

Tomorrow, Lynn Cheney will be called to the stand to address the efforts she and Libby made to have Wilson’s silly high school nick name revealed to the media.


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