December 26, 2006

Santa Claus’ sled shot down over Iraq

Posted in Iraq, political satire at 6:54 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

In a highly unfortunate turn of events, Santa Claus had his sligh and reindeers shot down in an area north of Basra when he entered restricted airspace last evening in the midst of his yearly humanitarian mission to bring toys to children. Several army generals have confirmed that the sleigh was Santa’s, and the injured reindeer in question were Donner and Prancer. Though it was believed that there was enemy fire involved initially, it is now clear that US forces fired on the sled when it accidentally entered the “no-fly zone,” and American forces had labored to get the presents out before the morning of the 25th, but it is unlikely the presents willl arrive in time. “That is secondary,” said US Army General Duvall. “What is most important is that the driver, Mr. Claus, is resting comfortably at Andrews Air Force base, and the reindeer have been reunited with their families.”

Regular procedure is that friendly and humanitarian transport alert the army ahead of time if planning to travel across protected air space. The army will be tightening its recognition typologies in light of the mishap.


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