December 16, 2006

Terror plot foiled: holiday gift bags with Anthrax were to be passed around by American consumers

Posted in political satire, satire at 12:56 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

 A terror plot was discovered before any lives were claimed in East Lansing Michigan today.  It was intended to spread Anthrax among denizens of a small midwestern community, and then possibly across the continent, by seeding holiday gift bags with a dangerous biological substance before the bags were used to re-gift presents headed to other towns and municiplaities in the greater midwest area and beyond.

“It is a uniquely American habit, this taking a gift out, then keeping the bag, and using it to re-bag another gift item for somebody else,” said Homeland Security spokesman Ed Dobaney.  “It becomes like a chain letter but far more insidious, and thus, this was to be a terror plot of a massive proportions.”


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