December 12, 2006

Tony Blair professes frustration at recent problems with Bush’s mental faculties

Posted in political satire, Tony Blair at 9:01 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Prime Minister Tony Blair has privately told associates that he is frustrated that President Bush increasingly appears to lack normal adult intellectual faculties, and that he is consulting with insight-deficit experts at Oxford University on how to proceed within the framework of US policy in Iraq. “I understand perfectly well that there is no connection between ‘they are a threat to us’ and ‘we must stay and fight.’ I also understand that the President justifies ‘they are a threat to us’ on nothing. But are people suggesting I just say ‘well, he’s mad,’ and be done with it? That seems a bit of a dodge to me.”

The associate, asking that he not be identified as Labor Party minister Gordon Brown, admits that Blair, formerly seen as one of the world’s more adept politicians, has lost his footing, but places it in historical perspective. “Our own Winston Churchill, at one time, sat down with Stalin at Malta, and hammered out a framework that the Britains could live with, and Stalin was quite a numbskull. And this was before our modern day world, where people with these problems can be medicated. The Prime Minister seems to believe it is not beyond the pale of hope yet. I very much doubt that he is correct on this, I’m afraid.”


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