December 12, 2006

Princess Di phone tapped before and after her death by NSA

Posted in political satire at 9:00 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terrri Firma

Present CIA chief and former head of National Security Agency General Michael Hayden has told reporters that he was responsible for phone taps on the late Princess Diana’s phone, but only for purposes of national security, and only on phone calls with suspected or known terrorists or communists. “We always take such precautions, and though obviously, I would never accuse the former princess of consorting, a la some sort of “Mata Hari” type, we have to keep all lines of inquiry to to keep our shores safe, and I would wiretap anyone our security agencies advise us is a threat.”

Though it is unclear why the NSA continued tapping her phone after her demise, agents speaking on condition of confiedentiality said it was because the agency was not sure if she was indeed dead, and needed confirmation. There are scores of hours of dead air in the NSA archives from phone tapping that took place between the time of her autopsy and later burial. The NSA further denies any role in several exhumation attempts that were thwarted after her burial.

Reports of phone taps of Peter O’Toole’s phones are still unconfirmed.


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