December 12, 2006

Bush announces new “way forward” in Iraq to be decided “sometime after my birthday”

Posted in Bush II, Iraq, political satire at 9:32 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

The President has decided to delay announcing plans for a new way forward in Iraq until after July 6, the day of his birthday, because, among other things, he is hoping to continue consulting with experts after the holidays, and because “things get awfully hectic around here before my birthday.”

The President had previously planned on announcing his new plans before Christmas, and then in January, and many were hoping the plans would be unveiled before deterioration in Iraq worsened beyond their current state. Many believed he would recommend the US back other power brokers in the region rather than continue his support for the Al-Maliki regime, in spite of previously defending them as the popularly elected government of the people of Iraq.

images11.jpgHe has explained that Islamic radicals often intensify fighting as a way to force his hand, and he will stay steadfast in setting his own path and not succumbing to pressure.

The President’s zodiac sign, the Cancer, is believed to have character traits that are shrewd and cautious, according to many astrologists.


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