December 10, 2006

Hasbro’s “Where’s Condi?” is top holiday gift seller

Posted in political satire, Rice at 11:53 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images13.jpgby Paula Berrer

A board game that guesses as to the whereabouts of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has surpassed sales of the new Star Wars Lego sets and a walking and talking Elmo doll that is also able to gestate a tiny baby monster. Hasbro chairwoman Marrianne Briggs commented “We had high hopes for this game all along, but now that it ties in, to some extent, with current political realities, and shows kids how real life leaders try to see where Secretary Rice is now, it is even more fun for them.”

Based on the popular “Where’s Waldo?” game, the product challenges players to find the, till recently, highly visible and well-regarded chief US diplomat in a series of geographic and sociological scenarios, such as a UN press conference, a negotiation between rival chiefs of state, and a dinner party at the White House executive mansion.


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