December 7, 2006

Obama courting white supremacist vote

Posted in political satire at 2:58 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Presumptive 2008 Presidential contender Barack Obama has moved on from courting Christian evangelicals to seeking support among another long-ignored sector of the Republican, white supremacists, in a speech Wednesday in Athens, Georgia. As part of week-long book promotion tour, Obama invited himself to talk last week to a gathering of the White separatist movement, and declared his desire to see the Democratic party to re-claim votes from the Confederate South. “There is a long, proud tradition of Democratic Party roots, here in your own community, and I would like to see our party return to an inclusive vision. I would like to see you re-think your reflexive support for the old ideas and broken policies of the Republican party.”

One questioner asked Obama if his immigration views diverge from members of the movement, and if he would oppose amnesty, separation walls, or shooting immigrants on site. “I think these are issues we should re-visit,” Obama said, “and though I would not support shooting illegals on site, I have supported health care legislaion that would not leave them bleeding on our streets,” he said to tepid applause from the audience of 15.


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  1. Terryl said,

    I was watching CNN the other day, after Obama got the democratic nomination and that is when I heard about PUMA. There was. a couple of people on, I guess that represented the party. I was reading closed caption because I work in a gym and I couldn`t believe what I was hearing or should I say reading, that Hilary Clinton supporters would rather vote for John McCain rather than give their vote to Obama. Well, that just doesn`t make any sense. McCain, the man who represents everything that Hilary is against. Like the war in Iraq for one. He doesn`t mind if we are there for 100 yrs.

    What would make people do such a thing? This is not about a party, it is about beliefs and what is best for our country. Do all of you believe,after supporting Clinton, that McCain is best for this country?

    What I think it comes down to is that you can`t bare the thought of a black man being the President of the United States. You rather see 4 more years of economic ruin in this country, years of being in Iraq for oil interest than to see a man of color be president. Well, you just might get what you ask for and remember you asked for it.

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