November 29, 2006

Hannity attributes Pelosi-Harman conflict to “sick lesbian love-triangle”

Posted in Congress, political satire at 8:50 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images9.jpgby Tom Toburn

Sean Hannity told his TV audience Friday that the controversy between incoming speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Jane Harman surrounding the chair of the House National Security Committee comes down to “a sick lesbian love-triangle,” and compared their dynamic with Congressman Alcee Hastings as “something out of one of (singer) Melissa Etheridge’s playbook.”  (Etheridge had a child out of wedlock with singer-songwriter David Crosby, and raised the child with her lesbian partner).

Pundits on both sides have been criticized for characterizing the conflict less as legitimate policy differences, as something personal, and have eschewed political analysis in favor of a story line describing the power struggle as more akin to a “cat fight.” None have gone as far as Hannity, who insists that the Harman-Hastings-Pelosi dynamic is akin to a lesbian power feud, but he insists such information is well-known in most circles in Washington.

Hannity asserted that he has extended invitations to both congresswomen to discuss their respective sides in the debate, but that they have, thus far declined.


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