November 23, 2006

Bush 41 defends son against hecklers at comedy club

Posted in Bush I, Bush II, political satire at 3:25 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images2.jpgby Tom Toburn

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush defended his son after he entered the stage impropmptu at a Washington area stand-up comedy club to heckles and boos. Current President, George W. Bush, entered the stage as the headline act was preparing, and said he intended to “warm up the crowd,” before verbal catcalls, including inflammatory remarks about ending the US presence in Iraq, came his way. “My son will never ‘cut and run,’ and people in this audience should be ashamed of themselves for treating him in this way,” he said.

“I am a father,” he continued, “and it hurts to see when your son doesn’t get laughs, even when he has pretty funny material, and I wish you all would remember you live in this country where everyone in the world wants to be, and none of you have even been arrested yet.”


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