November 17, 2006

Iraq study group report supports “a little more ‘stay the course,’ then maybe change course later”

Posted in political satire at 7:28 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

President Bush’s hard-line stance has been vindicated by the expected findings in the Iraqi study group report, which will support Bush’s contention that staying in Iraq with a strategy of fighting to win is supportable, and, according to one source, “is sustainable, if we just close our eyes and hope really, really hard.” The panel, which includes respected Republicans and Democrats, former US Attorney General Edwin Meese, and the comedian, Carrot Top, has had the sealed findings under wraps for several weeks, but the leaked findings seem to justify the President’s vocal protestations that some strategies for change should be left off the table, including most strategies that, in some formal sense, indicate change. “I don’t mind calling it a change, so long as it is not really a change,” he told the expert panel in their face-to-face meeting last week. “That would be my one qualification.”



  1. The only way we, the Bush regime, will leave Iraq is when the people of this country riot in civil disobedence at the White House door with tar and feathers for our fearless leader and the PNAC members.

    William K. Russell
    1st Battalion 9th Marines
    “The Walking Dead”
    Vietnam 1966
    (Disabled American Veteran)

  2. Thanks for your service, Bill. God bless.

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