November 11, 2006

Rove soul-searching: “Maybe I’m just the architect of being an absolute asshole”

Posted in Karl Rove, political satire at 3:33 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firmaimages7.jpg

An increasingly despondent Karl Rove has told associates that he is blaming himself for the Republicans’ electoral losses on Tuesday, and told one staffer “Maybe I’m just the architect of being an absolute asshole.”  After asserting only three days ago that the results represented a mandate on the President’s governing philosophy, in the face of growing criticism about his strategy of running on national defense and pursuing a mostly offensive approach against Democrats, Mr. Rove is said to now recognize that he may have put too much stock in the reliability of his instincts and genius. 

Bush staffers (like Press Secretary Tony Snow) have expressed privately that the administration may be leaning towards diminishing Mr. Rove’s stature at the White House further, making him use the hall bathroom and taking away his executive washroom key, and telling him the meeting room number and time only at the last minute so that his input becomes less influential through the end of the Bush Presidency.


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