November 11, 2006

Coulter calls independent voters who voted Democratic “traitorous guttersnipe weasels”

Posted in Coulter, news media, political satire at 3:34 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrerimages-5.jpg

An inflamed Ann Coulter came out criticizing so-called “swing voters,” normally supportive of the administration, as  “traitorous guttersnipe weasels” for supporting Democrats in the fall mid-term elections, and is threatening to prompt Republicans to search records via secret surveillance to find out who they are, arrest them, and kill them.  Coulter spoke specifically of supporters of Jim Webb and of John Tester, who fought very closely contested battles in Montana and Virginia, ordinarily states that are supportive of the Republican ticket, and of Bush specifically.  “If we killed or arrested a good 19,000 or so of these beasts, that would give the real Americans the margin for victory.  Then lets see what their side tries to do to controvert laws in this country.”



  1. Richard De Berry said,

    Ms Coulter’s comments are not worthy of comment.

    Decorated Viet Nam combat veteran 1963-64, 1967-70

  2. Angela Nazzario said,

    She’s insane!

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