November 10, 2006

Laura Bush to step down as First Lady

Posted in political satire, White House at 5:41 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images-4.jpgby Paula Berrer

In the wake of resignations of party stalwarts Donald Rumsfeld and Ken Mehlam, First Lady Laura Bush is announcing that she will be stepping down as First Lady as voters indicated the need for change in the rout of the Republican Congressional leadership in the mid-term elections. The First Lady, long know affectionately as “Pickles” to both admirers and detractors, was sanguine at the press conference announcing the change, and said that she has been a lightning rod for criticism since taking on an “attack dog” role on the campaign trail, and she is removing herself so the administration can turn its focus to working constructively with the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. Present UN ambassador John Bolton is also to resign from his current position, it will be announced later today.

Once again, President Bush is seeking to reassure critics that he is capable of change. Some have speculated that he may choose a male, such as former Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman as the new co-chief of state This would display an openess for what some have said the country has now embraced as the “secular gay agenda.” The president has tried to placate reluctant conservatives by assuring them he is unlikley to choose a child predator or “baby killer.” An announcement of a replacement is expected Friday.


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