November 8, 2006

After US Congressional elections, Europe calls US to say “Thank you”

Posted in Congress, political satire at 9:59 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

After election results were tallied last night, the countries of Europe called the United States to thank them and express appreciation for the mid-term election results.  “We want to thank everyone for the change in direction of US foreign policy, and expecially for defeating Rick Santorum in his effort to be re-elected,” Europe said in a conference call with reporters in the United States by way of the internationally published Herald Tribune.  “Also that little miser Senator Allen, when he bows out.  But we are sorry to see that nice Senator (Lincoln) Chafee go.”

Santorum had been truculent in his belief in the righteousness of the US incursion in Iraq, citing reports that seemingly showed a connection to dangerous weapons arsenals, later found to be conflated.  “9/11 is one thing,” the Europeans said, “but enough is enough, and five years was a long time to wait till you decided to get the act together. 

“For our part, we plan to send Tony Blair into exile, if he is willing, very soon.”


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