November 7, 2006

Republicans lose all Congressional seats, Rove asserts mandate

Posted in Karl Rove, political satire at 11:08 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

An insistent Karl Rove, in spite of the loss of all contested Senatorial, Congressional, and Gubernatorial seats in yesterday’s election, remained defiant, and insisted he was right about a national consensus for a full mandate of the Republican governing philosophy of the last 6 years. The President’s chief political strategist asked supporters to look harder at the results, and asserted “there is not one seat that was not strongly contested, and the margin of victory was extremely narrow, and anyone who thinks this administration should govern from the center or be ‘cowed’ in any way by these results is gravely mistaken.”

The results were made available late this afternoon, after voting machine delays had raised concerns that the results may be delayed for as many as three to four weeks.

Known for his political accumen in the past but often seen as unaware of the bigger picture in national elections, Rove came under some criticism for making the election into a national referendum on an unpopular President and the increasingly contentious issue of the Iraq occupation. It is reminiscent of his attempt to rush California with the Bush entourage in 2000 while other states remained contested in republican strongholds in the South and Southeastern states. Some have said that governing with the support of a slim majority makes proclamations of mandates a spurious proposition, but Rove remains defiantly optimistic, particular as recount battles continue in all the states where the tallies are complete. “We will be vindicated again, and we will have majorities again at some point, as I have said many times before.”


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  1. […] An increasingly despondent Karl Rove has told associates that he is blaming himself for the Republicans’ electoral losses on Tuesday, and told one staffer “Maybe I’m just the architect of being an absolute moron.”  After asserting only three days ago that the results represented a mandate on the President’s governing philosophy, in the face of growing criticism about his strategy of running on national defense and pursuing a mostly offensive approach against Democrats, Mr. Rove is said to now recognize that he may have put too much stock in the reliability of his instincts and genius.  […]

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