November 4, 2006

News analysis: traitorous CNN Network continues to tout pro-terrorist agenda

Posted in news media, political satire, satire at 2:51 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Far-left pundit Lou Dobbs revealed, after a week-long blitz of sympathetic coverage of Democratic congressional candidates, that the sex scandal involving an evangelical leader is more important to spotlight then a further review of Clinton-era policies that led to an Al Qaeda homeland security breach, while Candy Crowley provides tepid suggestions of a Democratically controlled House with only a center-left tilt, without nothing that predicted full endorsement of the secular homosexual and criminal agenda by the Democrats, and the implications for the country.

Welcome to far-left mainstream punditry, my friends, for this is where the next several elections will be decided: by what the liberal news media allows you to see. And fear not: their friends at the FOX News channel have simultaneously lost their nerve, and asked President Bush to explain his thinking on his key policy initiatives without directing viewers to comments and writings who speak on his behalf, such that they might uncover yet another Bush gaffe or syntactic slip that they might exploit on the John Stewart or Stephen Colbert show. That way, when the terrorists set-up shop across the way in greater Manhattan, they might have a local clown to trot out for the kids for the Isalmic Thanksgiving Day parade.


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