November 3, 2006

Burns asks Bush to not stand so close to him at Montana political rally

Posted in Congress, political satire at 10:19 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

thumb8464bc5acdca4ff485743ab6dbe1b562bush_montana_mtpm105.jpgby Paula Berrer

A newly energized President Bush was taken by suprise when Senator Conrad Burns, at a Montana political rally, asked that the President stand a little further away, so as to let Montana voters know he stood by the President, “but not really, really close to the President.”  Senator Burns’ press secretary Donnie “Towhead” Jones insisted that the Senator meant no disrespect, “but was just reflecting the general mood of the country, and of the electorate, that Congressmen must stand independently for their principles, and not rely on Presidential authority in advancing their agendas and goals.  For example, the Senator has had positions quite distinct from the President on Iraq.  President Bush wishes that as the Iraqi troops stand up, we will stand down, but Senator Burns is on record as saying the Iraqis may stand up or stand down.  We don’t know.  But we will definitelt stand down at some point, that’s for sure.  They are divergent positions, but not incompatible, but we want to be sure that Montana voters are aware of that difference.”

Burns is locked in a tight re-election campaign against challenger John Tester, and his closeness to Bush and the administration’s position on Iraq has been a campaign issue.

Burns also reprotedly asked the President, if he is to say he likes Senator Burns, that the Senator not be asked to make a statement saying he likes the President back.


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