October 31, 2006

Republican House candidate calls Bush “a dangerous psychotic,” in effort to distance self from President

Posted in Congress, political satire at 6:49 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

Representative Doug Sterilson of Nevada’s 14th District today called President Bush “a dangerous psychotic,” in an effort to distance himself from the President’s policies, in a debate today in Reno. Though long expected to be a secure seat, it has come into play as his Democratic opponent, Terrance “Howdy Boy” McMasters has pulled within the margin of error in several recent statewide polls. In what became a battle of one-upmanship, in distancing their own policies from the President’s, McMasters, the Democratic candidate, ended the debate with a closing statement reviling the administration’s “stay the course” strategy in Iraq. Sterilson, the Republican incumbent, countered with a long rebuttal, wherein he stated that he was being long-opposed to the President’s policies, “long before you were, mister.” He then went through a litany of proposals that he said more strongly countered the present plans for quelling the violence in Iraq, including impeaching the President, who he labelled “a dangerous psychotic,” demanding the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld be placed on trial for war crimes, and placing Vice President Dick Cheney in a convalescence home. “In addition,” he said in closing, “let me separate myself from my opponent on the issue that he will raise your taxes, no matter what, if he is elected to the US Congress,” as the audience left the Reno gymnasium at the close of the debate.


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