October 26, 2006

Fox accuses Limbaugh of faking being a loudmouthed bigot

Posted in Limbaugh, political satire at 7:10 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Actor Michael J. Fox made the outrageous claim today that he believes radio personality Rush Limbaugh is only faking being a loudmouth bigot, to garner attention and support for conservative and Republican politicians, and that he has seen the commentator in other settings where he has expressed remorse for the plight of disadvantaged or downtrodden Americans, and “it is all just an act.” “I wonder of he exaggerates to gain sympathy from angry, misanthropic people, and this is another example of these elitists talking down to us, acting like we’re idiots, trying to work our emotions. It’s all about his conservative political agenda.”

Fox cites, in particular, Limbaugh’s participation in a forum in support of the rights of the handicapped, when he told an audience “I like people, and I regret when I hurt people’s feelings, and that’s why I am here to defend people who suffering is not always appreciated by society. I myself have struggled with addictions, with weight problems, and I know how it feels.” Limbaugh retorted on his radio program, “I refuse to even dignify Mr. Fox’s claims with a response.”


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