October 26, 2006

Corker accuses Ford of reverse discrimination

Posted in Congress, political satire at 7:09 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Senate Republican candidate Bob Corker has emerged withy criticisms of his Democratic opponent Harold Ford, Jr. for reverse discrimination, and is questioning Mr. Ford’s right to demand Corker’s disavowal and discontinuation of commercials that make allusions to Mr. Ford’s race.

The Corker campaign came under fire earlier this week for ads associated with the campaign that purportedly used race-baiting tactics, such as a one with a Caucasion model whispering Mr. Ford’s name sugestively, and a second that had jungle music playing while contrasting the image of Mr. Ford and Mr. Corker and their views on the issues. “Why should there be a double-standard?” Corker fumed to reporters. “Why can’t my guys throw a commercial up, in good clean fun, that has a little fun with the idea of prostitutes and jungle drums?”

The Corker campaign is entertaining the possibility of bringing a case to federal court defending Mr. Corker’s right to air the ads, and they have contacted the ACLU about taking up the suit.


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  1. […] Campaigning alongside Republican Senate candidate Bob Corker in Nashville, Laura Bush complained about the double standards in contentious races across the country, similar to the controversy that raged over Corker’s campaign ads.  ”I do not know why people are so affected by this.  My understanding is that Congressman Ford really does have an attraction to white women. Isn’t that all the ads are saying?” […]

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