October 26, 2006

Bush insists Republicans make better use of double standards

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 7:08 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

In a press conference Tuesday, President Bush doggedly asserted his right to use hypotheticals, define catch phrases, use speciously defined times to categorize others and allow for consideration of whether people are “playing the ‘blame-game'” or “flip-flopping” on their positions on major issues. Specifically he has asked that hypotheticals be restricted to possibilities related to Iraqis successfully attaining full sovereignity, and an economy that flourishes under the tax cuts enacted during his tenure. He does not want hypotheticals related to failure in Iraq or other policy misfires discussed. His definition of a simplified language for Democratiic positions on the war (he insists they are all variations on “cut and run”) but his own language (such as whether he has ever used the phrase “stay the course”) must not be parsed. He similarly does not want to see “the blame game” discussed in any context regarding Iraqi intelligence or government accountability for the Hurricane Katrina fall-out in New Orleans, but retains the right to blame botched preparations and security breakdowns in international affairs on past administrations. And he would like “flip-flops” restricted to situations other than his own nuanced changes on key positions.

This is similar to past assertions regarding leaks and whether they are “good leaks” or “bad leaks,” depending on their context and how they effect his rights as chief executive.

“I’m the decider and I often have to assert executive privilege as a function of my office as President.” He has used a definition of unitary executive, one defined in theory by chief counsel John Yoo and defended in practice by Attorney General and former chief counsel Alberto Gonzales, in the past in defending his rights as chief executive, but this is the first time he has tried to parse this right in defining how con


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