October 24, 2006

News analysis: Rove says its not Machiavelli or Sun Tzu, takes inspiration from P.T. Barnum

Posted in Karl Rove, political satire at 1:03 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

In private meetings with associates, Karl Rove made the surprising admission that in fact he does not base his strategies for control of Congress and of the executive branch in presidential elections from great minds of war and strategies, but from a home-grown public relations genius, circus owner PT Barnum. “‘No one ever went broke underestimating the American people,’ that has been my watchwords from the start,” he said. “It was realized fully when I ‘let the cat out of the bag’ on devout heterosexual (former Texas Governor) Ann Richards’ flaming lesbianism. She was the Queen of the lesbian prom, as far as people were concerned. Is it such a leap to see the war volunteer John Kerry as a faker, a covering-his-rear coward? Not really. And that’s why a lot of people love America. You can sell almost anything here.”


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