October 24, 2006

News analysis: change in tactics but no change in strategy, a good idea?

Posted in political satire at 1:12 am by thewashingtonbeltsider


by Tom Toburn

According to public statement over the last week, it appears the Bush administration is entertaining changes in tactics, but that this is not a detriment to the overall strategy, as the tactics are different from the strategy, and I have often argued in this column that a change in tactics or strategy would be a welcome change for an administration often accused of truculence and inflexibility.  To the contrary, it has been important all along to adapt to “conditions on the ground,” according to tactitians like Secretary Rumsfeld and Secretary Rice (particular since it has become clear that the Sunnis and the Shiites are not, in fact the same factions).  Al Qaeda is a crafty enemy, as we have seen to this point.  Accordingly, we should be ready to shift tactics, occasionally, our approach, and when necessary, our strategy, if we ever hope to defeat them, precisely as bin Laden himself said in his video that he released before the last election.


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