October 24, 2006

Mehlman says Republicans never said “stay the course”; it was probably a misprint by the liberal press

Posted in political satire at 7:11 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman explained to Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today program that President Bush and Congressional Republicans never meant to lead the American people to believe that the strategy for victory in Iraq is one of “stay the course,” and accused members of the elite liberal media of spinning recent comments by the administration as somehow contradictory of earlier assertions.  “It is almost slanderous, Matt, to declare that anyone in this administration ever used the words ‘stay the course,’ and if we did, it is probably because we were misquoted by the liberal press,” Mehlman said.

“If our appearances on TV were somehow dubbed by the program producers before viewers saw them, such that our lips moved and the words ‘stay the course’ came out of them, people may think they saw Republicans making these assertions. The only real and reliable marker of this is in our own minds is whether we think we said it, and as of now, we think we did not.  So I very highly doubt we ever said it, Matt.”


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