October 20, 2006

Cheney challenges Bob Woodward to a duel

Posted in He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken (Cheney), political satire at 5:35 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Reporter Bob Woodward said on CNN’s “Larry King Live” that Vice-President Dick Cheney is so angry about the way he is portrayed in Woodward’s latest book, “State of Denial,” that he is challenging the reporter to a duel. The best-selling book paints an unflattering portrait of the President and Vice President, who did not agree to be interviewed for the third in a series of books about the White House and its conduct and preparations for the Iraq incursion.

“He called me this morning. “He said, ‘Guns at sunrise, motherfucker’,” Woodward told King. “I was taken quite aback. Especially because he knew I was going to blab about it, whether i agreed to do it or not. And, obviously, the Vice President is someone no one would accuse of being a good shot, at this point in his life. I think Harry Weddington could attest to that. But he sounded awfully angry and agitated, and that is no way to ask a friend to meet you with pistols at dawn, but i can sympathize with his dilemna certainly.”


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