October 18, 2006

NIE report vindicates Bush

Posted in political satire at 11:56 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

images11.jpgby Tom Toburn

The Bush administration has been vindicated by the portions of the full National Intelligence Estimate that were released over the weekend, which stated that it is better that the United States invaded Iraq than it would have been had the United States sent them to fight the indigenous people in 18th century Paraguay, and that it is better that the US troops continue to fight in Iraq rather than trying to construct a time machine to have them engage in that fight.  “This has been what we have been saying all along,” Press Secretary Tony Snow said at a briefing for reporters after the release of the document.  “I hope this establishes these points, in black and white.”

“There was a more full version of the National Intelligence Estimate that we could have released, probably states that we were right to invade Iraq and that we are better off if we listen to President Bush on everything from now on,” Snow said, “but I’ll have to check on it, and get back to you on that, if you’d like.”

“This was, perhaps, a little unexpected, compared with what I saw of the original document,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-VA) said later.  “But so be it.” 


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