October 9, 2006

New Republican Party catch phrase for Iraqi conflict to be “bait and switch”

Posted in political satire, White House at 2:27 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

With increased pressure on the majority party to better define its approach to the Iraq conflict amid increased level of public skepticism, Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman, for the first time today referred to the administration’s approach as one of favoring “bait and switch,” rather than the description “stay the course,” and said “The Democrats would have you believe we should ‘cut and run,’ but we believe you have to stay and fight, then bait and switch.”

Mehlman vigorously denied that he was setting up a situation with the electorate where the party may favor “stay the course” one minute, then change to “cut and run” later, which the phrase “bait and switch” seems to imply. “That’s preposterous, we meant no such thing, but I’m also not going to say that’s a bad idea,” he said in requesting to speak freely off the record, as the subject relates to internal party deliberations. “We were just looking for a catchy three word phrase, and this, out of the blue, seemed like a good one.”


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  1. […] In a position paper newly released by the Republican Senate Campaign Committee is declaring a new position on the war: The paper states, in part, “‘Cut and run’” is the Democrat catch phrase, “‘Stay the Course’” is the old Republican catch phrase, “’stay and play’” was the last try, but now we’re going to use “‘cut, stay, play, adapt, then run.’” (This, unfortuantely, undercuts another recent attempt by a Republican message specialist, “bait and switch,” which tested poorly in urban and suburban markets where voters are showing declining interest in GOP tickets nationally). […]

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