October 9, 2006

Howard Dean recommending antidepressants to Democratic backers this fall

Posted in political satire at 4:45 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

In spite of emerging doubts about the US anti-terror and Iraq policies or the administration’s integrity or veracity in achieving its stated goals, as well as questions raised by the Foley House page scandal, Democratic lawmakers may still be unable to capitalize and make gains, so DNC chair Howard Dean is readying anti-depressant prescriptions in case Democrats are unable to increase their numbers in the House or Senate in the fall. The White House has allocated significant resources toward maintaing its majorities in both houses. “Our guys took a real nose dive when Kerry lost, and we don’t want to lose all our momentum, take the air out of the sails, again,” Dean has reportedly told associates.


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