October 9, 2006

Democrats’ only hope is that voter sentiment to get gloating Newt Gingrich off of television appearances holds

Posted in gingrich, political satire at 4:28 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Still on the hunt for strategies for uniting voters against the Republicans in Congress, Democrats are working towards highlighting the unpleasantness of increased appearances by Newt Gingrich on network television shows if Republicans win more seats in Congress. One ominous TV ad running in Pennsylvania by the DNC warns of the threat of the “preening, darkly cherubic and gloating mask of hubris” of Gingrich if Weldon keeps his seat. Focus groups have reportedly been more frightened of these images than of ones of, now “old hat,” images, like those of Saddam Hussein, Kalid Sheikh Mohammad, the burning twin towers, and an increasingly decrepit Osama bin Laden.


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