October 3, 2006

Rice denies claims of Woodward book, says “I’m not sure I even knew who George Tenent was back then”

Posted in political satire, Rice at 4:18 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is denying that she was warned by George Tenent about a possible impending terror attack in 2001, and told reporters today “I’m not sure I even knew who George Tenent was (in 2001).” In excerpts from Woodword’s book appearing in Sunday’s Washington Post, it is implied that Tenent and his assistant, Cofer Black, met with then National Security Advisor Rice in 2001 regarding the possibility of major attacks, but Rice says “The President, and I, and many others in this administration, and the last administration, often met with principles such as Mr. Tenent and Mr. Black, but I can’t say i recall any specific instance where he mentioned ‘blowing things up,’ ‘death,’ ‘terrorists,’ ‘killing,’ ‘peril,’ or ‘Now hear this; this is important.’ I realize Mr. Woodword has books to sell, but this is a very dangerous kind of hearsay and suppositioning.”


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