September 28, 2006

Document shows US was made offer: “Do you want to fight us here, or do you want to fight us over there?”

Posted in political satire at 8:35 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

A leaked document from 2003 shows that US intelligence agencies and British officials were made an offer before launching the Iraqi offensive, which asked, in part “Do you want to fight us here, or do you want to fight us over there?  It’s really up to you.”  Prime Minister Tony Blair reportedly thanked the terror leaders for their candor and courtesy, and said that they would take the offer under advisement, before US and British officials launched the attack to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.  This revelation offers further support for the administration’s contention that by fighting the terrorists in Iraq, they are saving Americans the trouble of a terror war at home.  The British people, unfortunately, have not been spared, and the reason that this part of the bargain was not honored has been a mystery, but has not helped Prime Minister Blair’s standing in his country.

“I hope this, finally, dispels this notion that by fighting the terrorists over there, we are somehow making ourselves less safe,” Press Secretary Tony Snow told reporters after the document (labeled “Downing Street Memo Number 2”) was released, before being asked the question, “But what about us?  We don’t want them fighting you guys over in other countries.  Some of those countries are ours,” by members of the foreign press corps.  Snow referred these other questions to the White House Office of Special Plans.


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