September 24, 2006

Clinton tells Chris Wallace to go fuck himself

Posted in Clinton (M), political satire at 1:09 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

images6.jpgby Tom Toburn

In one of his trademark crude utterances in an interview segment on FOX News yesterday, when pressed on issues related to Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction former President Bill Clinton told host Chris Wallace complained of being unfairly ambushed and told Wallace “Go fuck yourself.” Wallace attempted, in a fair and balanced manner, to press Clinton on allowing for acquisition of weapons of mass destruction, and allowing baiting bin Laden into a state of confidence and comfort such that he might attack the United States later, but Clinton said this was rewriting history, and said “What fucking weapons of mass destruction? Are you shitting me? Are you guys still so unsure about this? Did you go to journalism school?”

Wallace said many mainstream pundits, like he and Bill O’Reilly, feel Clinton has stonewalled on these issues, particularly in light of defensiveness over his blow jobs in the Oval Office, but Clinton responded “The blow jobs were fun. What distraction are you talking about? What gets you more focused than a nice, pleasant blow job? Please get a better take on this stuff before you come back at me, okay? This is way beyond your pay scale.”


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