September 23, 2006

Botanists attribute Bush’s latest rise in the polls to a “photosynthesis effect”

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 4:00 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

Political analysts at “The Washington Beltsider” have turned to botanists to help explain Bush’s surge in the polls following a series of speeches on the Iraq intervention and its connection to the fight against terrorism. It has had more resonance with voters than previous efforts, and is characterized mainly by the number and intensity of speeches and appearances this time. Like Michael Deaver on behalf of Ronald Reagan before him, political guru Karl Rove seems to be opting for the “warm bask and glow” approach, that Washington State University botanist Henry Harvey says is comparable to sunlight for plants after a long period of oxygen deprivation. “It’s like ‘welcome back to the light’ after an onslaught of negative press, which was like a spell of stormy weather,” said Professor Harvey.

“It’s true, what the botanists are saying about this race,” said lead political corrspondent for the Washington Monthly Tug Denetto. “Rank and file conservative leaning voters hear their ‘clarion call’ again, if I may. And it strengthens their political will. It’s a beautiful thing for these voters to get this attention until the election passes.”


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