September 22, 2006

Chavez calls Bush “a major prick” at UN Speech

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 3:00 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Paula Berrer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez continued his diatribe against President Bush at the UN today, stating, “He’s a major prick, and he’s stupid, and I personally don’t like him very much.” This is after comparing him to the devil in an earlier address, and telling New Yorkers that Bush has “emotional problems,” and “walks around like he is John Wayne.” International political experts and experts on UN affairs have been puzzled by the by the increasingly inflammatory nature of the rhetoric Chavez has been using to characterize the President. “This type of animus has not been seen since King Ferdinand of Spain called called Andrew Jackson a ‘fucking liar’ circa the war of 1812,” said historian Walter Ludlow of Tufts, “but those were considerably more hostile times. This level of ‘potty mouth’ from Chavez is unprecedented and hard to place in any sort of context. But the ‘John Wayne walk’ thing is kind of true, I guess.”


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  1. […] Reverend Jerry Falwell refused, when given the opportunity today, to apologize to Senator Hillary Clinton today, when pressed on the issue by Larry King on his program today, and said “No one should ever have to apologize to Lucifer.” Flawell came under fire for referring to Clinton disparagingly on an interview on CNN, and said he would urge his followers to oppose her candidacy, were she to declare for the Democratic Presidential nomination, “as if Lucifer himself were running,” prior to Hugo Chavez comparing President Bush to the devil at a highly inflammatory speech at the UN. “Well, referring to the president in that way is one thing, but with Hillary, well, heavens, she actually is the devil.” […]

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