September 20, 2006

News Analysis: Bush is back, and Rove’s strategy of “talking all the time” works

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 4:49 am by thewashingtonbeltsider


by Terri Firma

Bush’s popularity is back in the mid-40s on recwnt polls, and the desparate “talk all the time” strategy paid off in spades, earlier and more effectively than even long-time insiders had projected. The Republicans have transmitted their message by way of the bully pulpit, by way of network television, including a prime time 9/11 docudrama that coincided with a Presidential address, and press conferences carried on mainstream news venues, leaving the Democrats with snarky late night comics and the occasionally circulated Doonesbury cartoon as vehicles for their message. Democrats had pinned their hopes on the equivalent of the electorate putting their fingers in both ears and singing “La la la la,” and it didn’t work. And Republicans were poised to take advantage of the opportunity. Critics may accuse Presidential advisor Karl Rove of his impish misbehaving act yet again, but it is more akin to a most spectacular magic trick. He has the sleight of hand to make an entire unpopular war disappear on command.


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