September 17, 2006

News analysis: Bush effectively re-frames all issues as part of the war on terror before mid-term elections

Posted in political satire at 11:44 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

paula22.jpg by Paula Berrer

President Bush has effectively re-framed the majority of issues on the political landscape within the last week to re-shape the terrain in the run up to the mid-term elections.  The war in Iraq is now a small pattern of the larger war on terror.  The surveillance programs, and issues related to detention, fair trials, and extraordinary interrogation, are part of the war on terror.  The values agenda, confirmation of conservative judges, the fight against gay marriage, flag-burning and immigrant rights relate to the war on terror.  The Terri Schiavo controversy is a still smaller component of the war on terror.  Natural disasters like hurricanes are an unnecessary distraction from the war on terror.  The anniversary of 9/11 is an opportunity to reflect on the larger war on terror.  And problematically high gas prices are simply an expected outcome from problems brought on by the war on terror.

“It’s real honest to God politics and real honest to goodness campaigning and pandering, is what my gut tells me,” said former Republican political adviser Stellen Piercener, denying what others in the know have said.  Some have cynically cast the President’s efforts as an aggressive and opportunistic attempt to “save his hide” and not a message refinement and discipline that his team has been attempting all along.  “Sure nobody wants to go to jail or the stockade or what have you, but this isn’t just self preservation,” Piercener said. 


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