September 16, 2006

Bush said “I don’t really think about bin Laden that much” to confuse him

Posted in political satire at 2:04 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

images4.jpgby Tom Toburn

In a meeting with reporters today, discussing strategies for outlining Republican positions in the lead off to the fall mid-term elections, President Bush told reporters that his administration is committed to capturing Osama bin Laden, and bringing him to justice, but that he has downplayed the search “so bin Laden doesn’t catch on that we’re trying to find him.

“See, it’s like a snake in the grass.  You don’t tell ’em you’re coming,”he said, after the cameras were turned off.  “Not if you want to confuse them.  Then ‘pow’ you get them.  That’s why we say those things.  We know it makes us sound foolish, but then you don’t want to tell your enemy what you are doing.”

Pressed on how critics have said that the search did not end in earnest when the US invaded Afghanistan, Bush insisted that this was also what he had intended.  “We want to see him relax.  Get comfortable.  See who he associates with.

“Now don’t tell anybody, okay?  Just say we’re being smart for the American people in the war on terror.  And by God, don’t put anything on the internet about all this.  Or say it, but make it sound sort of subtle, all right?”


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