September 13, 2006

News Analysis: Bush team now less sure of justification for taking out Saddam Hussein

Posted in political satire at 12:59 am by thewashingtonbeltsider


Saddam Hussein, it has been revealed, was not responsibble for Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq preparing for attacks on an American ambassador in Jordan, or their training terrorists in Iraqi territories, but he is now known to have given foods known to be high in cholesterol to people he was responsible for in his own country, and to visiting students from western countries. Transfer students and civilian guards and servicemen were frequently feted at Hussein’s palace, with meals that included high cholesterol seafood like shrimp and clams, and high saturated oils. “This was the last straw, from our perspective,” Vice President Dick Cheney said, “and an after-action memo our intelligence service recently recovered outlines the greivous harm he meant to do to these innocent young men, women and civilians.”

“He was a monster, as we have known all along, and this confirms it,” the President told NBC’s Brian Williams in an interview on the anniversary of the 9/11 atttacks.

This is after earlier seeking to justify the action based on Iraq’s presumed posession of nuclear weapons, then based on their presumed posession of other types of weapons of mass destruction like chemical and biological weapons, then the Iraqi intrasignece in complying with allowing weapons inspectors to search the country, then their presumed collaboration with known terrorists, and now the cholesterol argument. Unfortunately, there may be evidence to come from newer research on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet that may eventually refute this argument too.


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