September 12, 2006

News analysis: Second-guessing Bush’s Iraq policy is like “Monday-morning quarterbacking”

Posted in political satire at 6:35 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider


rumsfeld bench quarterback

Liberal pundits have taken to questioning President Bush’s in a “why did he or didn’t he?” fashion, an unbecoming paradigm reminiscent of “Monday morning quarterbacking.” Sports enthusiast know that “arm-chair” and “Monday morning” quarterbacks sit back in their easy chairs calling out coaches for strategies that do not deliver certain results. As a Bush supporte, I say “cut the strategists some slack. They didn’t see what you see now. It’s just a game” (if we were talking about football, obviously).

People love football analogies. But hard-bitten liberal DC pundits like David Broder argue “then why not ‘bench’ Rumsfeld, your quarterback,” and that’s exactly the point: standing behind President Bush on Iraq should not be a leap of faith but a sign of forgiveness to a guy who didn’t necessarily think things through all the way this time.


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