September 11, 2006

Couric debut marred by Britney Spears snafu

Posted in political satire at 6:18 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Teri Firma

Special White House correspondent Britney Spear’s spoiled Katie Couric’s otherwise sharp debut as lead anchor for CBS Nightly News when she asked President Bush if he had heard any of her albums, or finds her attractive. The interview was part of a special segment devoted to points of view on the President’s fall in popularity during his second term, and Spears, in spite of her lack of experience in news, chaired the segment, because of her “unique clear support of the president after 9/11, saying we should support him in whatever he says we should do, placing her considerable career, reputation, and credibility on the line,” Couric said.

“Can you return the favor, Mr. President?” Spears asked Bush in the Oval Office, “and let me know what you think of my albums, and of me personally?” Bush grinned sheepishly, but did not answer the question, in the live unedited segment.

Spears is unlikely to be sole anchor on other high profile segments, according to network sources.

SPEARS: Mr. President, I really went to bat for you, a few years back, and said…Mr. President?

BUSH: Yes, Brittany?

SPEARS: Mr. President?

BUSH: Yes?

SPEARS: I went to bat for you, over war with countries for us, because you are our leader. Katie and I were saying, to great…you know, I was a little embarrassed about it. Anyway, do you like my albums? Do you find me attractive?

Uncomfortable pause.

SPEARS: Mr. President, can you return the favor, and let me know what you think of me personally?

Uncomfortable pause.

SPEARS: Back to you, Katie.


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