September 8, 2006

Bush says torturing terror suspects helped end questionable food catering contract

Posted in political satire at 12:33 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

President Bush outlined in his speech today how extraordinary means ro retrieve information from suspects has allowed interrogators to work more effectively with the suspects, and, in one case, even helped get interrogators to suspend ordering food from a catering service with known propensity for botulism and other food borne infections.  Interrogators were working with suspects out of one of the CIAs “black ops” sites in Bulgaria, where take-out food is relatively scarce.  Bush reiterated “These are vital tools we need to fight this war on terror.”

Extraordinary interrogation techniques that were not disclosed in his speech, but are believed to include “water-boarding,” food and light deprivation, and name-calling, yielded information from terror suspect Abu Zubaydah that experts felt would not otherwise have been retrieved.

“This is not protected by the Geneva Conventions, certainly,” said a CIA officer involved with the case, “but our guys kept ordering out from this place, and it was like constant diarrhea, and thank God this guy finally told us about the other food place down the street,” 


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