September 3, 2006

Conservative pundits criticizing themselves over past support for Iraq War

Posted in political satire at 3:04 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Tom Toburn

Career Washington conservative pundits are increasingly seeking to distance themselves from themselves over statements they have made in support of the Iraq War. “If I ever said anything of that kind, I certainly am and was wrong, and it is or was not serious position I should take as a way to protect our country against serious threats,” said commentator and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol. “It is not and was not a position any true conservative should take, and I include myself among those people, who should never support a position of invading Iraq…even though I supported it at the time.”

“Only someone insane would have taken that position…and I certainly did, but I regret it,” said conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly defending and also attempting to reconcile his current and past positions on the war on his show Wednesday.

“Washington DC is a dog-eat-dog world,” said political analyst Steve Vinditsky, “and the only thing these career politicians and pundits hate more than failure is having to admit they were wrong. That’s why they are coming after themselves.”

“We must have been thinking like Democrats,” said Pat Buchanan, “which is always a danger in the charged environment of mainstream Washington, where liberal policies and the liberal discourse predominates. A lot of that is due to Bill Clinton. But a lot of it is because President Bush, and his father, are just not true Ronald Reagan or Joe McCarthy Conservatives.”


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