September 2, 2006

Mexican lawmakers insisting on installing Al Gore as new President of Mexico

Posted in Gore, political satire at 5:44 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

capt-1476c6e939b2840cb92ed7d2275c16d98aptopix_mexico_elections_modl101.jpgby Paula Berrer

Mexican lawmakers are rejecting entreaties by President Vicente Fox on behalf of ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon, and insisting that former United States Presidential candidate Al Gore be installed as Mexico’s new leader.

“He got screwed too, and we feel bad for him,” said Socialist Party spokesman Harut Corabron. “We’re willing to compromise this far. They should accept the deal.”

A standoff has been ongoing, and even intensified, after Fox made a thinly veiled reference to to leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, saying “unifying the coutry” should be Mexico’s top priority, even though top electoral courts in Mexico are refusing to block the ascension of presumed president-elect calderon, or annul the July 2 vote and order a new election.

The opposition lawmakers took to the stage during Fox’s speech waving Mexican flags and holding placards calling Fox a traitor to democracy. They ignored demands that they return to their seats, and shouted “Vote by Vote” — a new rallying cry for Lopez Obrador’s bid for a full recount, and that votes that have hanging chads or dimpled chads be counted for Gore.


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