August 31, 2006

Despite public outcry against more speeches on Iraq, Bush to deliver more of them in coming months

Posted in political satire at 12:10 am by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

As President Bush prepares for his next series of speeches outlining his strategy for victory in Iraq there has been a gathering public outcry, with some influential policy groups who are invited to these settings sending signals that, after the last series of speeches, this next round is simply asking too much of them.

“Oh, please God, no,” said one foreign policy think-tank representative, who asked that she be able to speak on condition of anonymity. “The leaps of logic, the problems with syntax, then those awful applause lines. We can’t take it anymore.”

Other groups, that represent public interests, are objecting to being inundated in free media by further messages from the President on Iraq. They say they are sorry his poll numbers are down, and they understand his need to speak, but disagree that the low poll number imply that people just haven’t heard the message from him often enough, and need more speeches in order to change their mind. “It’s just noise pollution at this point,” said Dara Cremmins of the public policy advocacy group, Common Awareness. “The public is getting frustrated. They are saying ‘We get it. We understand what you are trying to say. We just don’t agree. Is that okay?’ That doesn’t change with more speeches. We are mainly hearing that people are developing a harder time listening to speeches, and are want it stop, maybe even feeling taken for granted, and want the government’s support in that.”

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