August 31, 2006

Bush declares “We will not leave Iraq till the job is done, and the job won’t be done until we leave Iraq”

Posted in Bush II, political satire at 4:09 pm by thewashingtonbeltsider

by Terri Firma

In an interview yesterday, President Bush asserted that he does not plan to abandon the mission in Iraq, and insisted “I know it. I see it. You don’t. It’s this tautology thing, you see,” He said that he will respond forcefully to detractors who cite public opinion polls showing declining support for him on this issue.

He denied that new “catch phrases” bandied about by surrogates like “We meant for it to go better,” and “Stay and adapt…or not,” will not influence his approach. “We have to show resolve,” he said, “and show that the evildoers can not strike against freedom loving peoples.”

At one point, a child, standing near his mother, Reuters reporter Helen Magnuson, queried “But what if there are other possibilities, besides what you are saying?” to which the President retorted, “I read that stupid ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ book too, and I’m not buying it. Now get back there behind your mama there, junior, and stop voting for this here nonsense, because it’ll let the terrorists take away our liberty.”


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